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The State of Hawaii recognizes practitioners like me as LMT’s or LIcensed Massage Therapists. Normally, the LMT license involves just 6 months to 1 year to complete. My specialized training encompassed well over 4 years and hundreds of hours of practicum work to complete. 

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My Training

My nerve therapy training encompassed a period of over 4 years. It wasn’t just a matter of learning what to do and how to do it, but more importantly, involved the practical time needed to develop and hone specific techniques, procedures and the ability to apply varying degrees of pressure to strategic areas of the body, with the intended results of reducing and removing pain. This system is not intended to bring about a relaxed state within the body, but it does become less intense and much more comfortable with succeeding sessions. The application of this complex technique is probably what takes the most time to learn and master.

The techniques and applications that I began learning in 1989 are still being developed and perfected after 32 years of practicing this form of Therapy.


#1 – To Reduce Tension Within Soft-Tissue System Of The Body

Bodymax Nerve Therapy incorporates a multi-faceted approach to your overall health and well-being. After all, everything is connected and impacts your health holistically. After we do an initial assessment to better understand your pain issues and possible underlying causes, the corrective action will begin with the reduction of tension within your soft-tissue system. This includes your muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments. These systems of the body play a critical role in your immediate pain level and body awareness and as a result the ultimate impact on your skeletal structure.



#2 – To Influence Structural Integrity of Skeletal System

We are NOT chiropractors, meaning we do not assess or work on body alignment. Your skeletal structure will be influenced by the level of tension within the soft tissue system.

This is what creates the movement of the skeletal structure and may also be involved in building excess tension within certainly involved joints in the body. This condition can also lead to increased swelling and degradation of the cartilage, bursa sacs, and also discs in the spinal column which may also exacerbate any arthritic condition.

Your body’s alignment or misalignment will guide us and reveal specific clues as to the muscle systems that may be involved.

This is a journey to better health and not a quick fix solution. You control your health and progress throughout. The better you are to your body, the better your body will become.


#3 – Supplement With Quality Nutrition

Your body will not properly repair itself if you don’t feed it quality food and supplements. You also need adequate rest to speed up the recovery process. Your body has a catabolic and anabolic phase. Only during the anabolic or recovery phase does the body repair and heal itself. The anabolic phase is only during the time that you sleep. During the day in the catabolic phase, your body is using up nutrients as fuel for the body. What you feed your body today will be the new cells of your body tomorrow. 

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My Clients are my Proof.

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Since having learned this system of Nerve Therapy back in 1989, Bodymax has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of people who were going to undergo medical surgery to fix problems and/or reduce the pain. After having experienced our form of therapy, the majority of our clients cancelled their invasive surgical procedures even after recommendations by their Orthopedic surgeons and Neurosurgeons.