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SHAKLEE Athletes

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Shaklee Powered Athletes

Many of the worlds greatest athletes come to Shaklee for world-class products and nutritional consulting. In addition to athletic success at every level, Shaklee powered athletes have won 30 medals including 19 Gold Medals.

Here is just a small list of the athletes who are currently using or have used Shaklee supplements to enhance their athletic performances ...

Craig Blanchette       
Wheelchair racer/world record holder
Captain US Olympic Women’s SoccerTeam/Olympic Gold Medalist 1996/Coach
US Ski Team and SnowBoarding Teams 
elite level ski and snowboard team
Carly Piper                      
Elite Level Swimmer
Gary Hall Jr                      
Elite Swimmer, Gold Medalist
Kent Bostick                     
Elite Cyclist, Masters World Champion, Medalist
USC Tennis Team              
Official Nutritional Sponsor
Official Product Created for Space travel
Other athletes ...
Jeff Boltinghouse             
Racecar driver/NASCAR Goodie Series
Angela Daigle                  
All-American sprinter/Track & Field
Jayson Duff                      
Long Jumper/Track & Field
Darin Shapiro
Water Skier & Wakeboarder

Mike Erhar                        
Eco-Challenge 2000/Extreme Sports
David Fox                         
Men’s Swimmer/Gold Medalist
Richelle Fox                     
Women’s Swimmer/Gold Medalist
Natalie Gibson                 
Track & Field/All American 
Ernie Gregoire, Ed.D        
US Track & Field coach
Michael Henderson            
AJGA Player of The Year, 
Western Amateur and Golden Bear Tour Champion
Scott & Patti Kauf              
Moguls Ski Champions
Andy Kelsey                        
Elite Triathlete
Barb Lindquist                    
Tracy H. Mattes                
400 Meter Hurdler/Track & Field
Carla Overbeck                 
Women’s soccer/Gold Medalist/Coach
Cecelia Potts                     
Women’s Mountain biker
Chris Waddell                    
Monoski & Wheelchair racing
Stan Whitley                      
World record holder/ Masters Track & Field
Kevin Wiley                       
Long Jumper/Track & Field
Breeda Dennehy Willis    
Distance Runner
Team Shaklee
Professional cycling - 1986-2000
Oklahoma Quest for Gold Athletes 1976-2000
Todd Ahmadi
Pro beach volleyball player
Michelle Simpson
Water Skier

Ruthie Bolton - Holifield
Women’s basketball/Gold Medalist
Darrell Bowles
Endurance cyclist
Laurie Brandt
Mountain biker
Dave Brehm
All natural bodybuilder
Gary Carter
Major League Baseball
Brian Dorsett
Major League Baseball
Men’s soccer – Elite Player
Kate Fonshell
5K & 10K elite runner
Sir Edmond Hillary
Expedition leader
Jay Howell
Major League Baseball
Jimmy Johnson
NFL Football, Hall of Fame
Damon Keeve
Karate elite medalist
Ann Marie Lauck
Women’s marathon / medalist
Shelly Looney
Women’s Ice Hockey / ’98 Gold Medal Winner
Bill Magagna
Ryah Radomski
Mountain Bike Racing Champion
Joanita Reed-Senior
Masters triathlete
Christine Bannon Rodrigues
Karate, Taekwondo expert
Chantal Shea
Women’s Track & Field
Annika Sorrenstam
LPGA Superstar
Patty Sheehan
LPGA Golf Star
Linda Somers
Marathoner/Olympic participant
Will Steger
World renown Explorer/ Scientist
Julie & Marja Sweet
Mother/daughter aerobics team
Ann Trombley
Mountain Biker
US World Championship Team
Rob Whitney
US Ski Team
Canadian Rowing Team
Malaysian Field Hockey Team
Philippines Boxing Team
US Speedskating Team
US Bobsled Team
US Ski Team

Profile: Cindy Arko, Associate, NJ

Cindy ArkoLast month, Cindy Arko completed the Beach to Battleship IronMan® Triathlon in North Carolina -- a tough competition even by elite athlete standards. But for Cindy, the race was more than a test of physical endurance…it was a chance to prove her strength and tenacity in the face of some tough obstacles. Check out her story and how Shaklee products powered her inspirational achievement.
My day began with a 2.4 mile swim, then a 112 mile bike ride and concluded with a 26.2 mile run. I’m proud to say Shaklee products were with me every step of the way!
A normal day for me always starts with Vita-Lea®, OmegaGuard®, CoQHeart®, B-Complex and Optiflora®. Besides a healthy diet, I know Shaklee Sports Nutrition has provided me with an excellent foundation to stay healthy and maintain great energy levels. I use Shaklee Performance® exclusively for hydration in my training - before, during and after every workout. Shaklee Physique® has also been an integral part of my exercise recovery regimen.
For me, getting to the race was as much of a challenge as completing it. I had a serious cycling accident in June and I was afraid my dream of completing an Ironman was crushed. I was told I’d be out for the season and there was just no way I would recover in time for the race. After about five weeks off my bike and very little training, I decided there was a way!
And Shaklee Moodlift® Complex*, Gentle Sleep Complex* and Shaklee Sports Nutrition – (especially Physique), helped me get myself back in the game!
I’m so thankful to Roger for all that he does to make Shaklee the best Nutrition Company on the planet. I’m also thankful for my upline Master Coordinator, Jeanne Toovell (Senior Master Coordinator, NY) for believing in me, and never giving up on me during some rough times. It’s been a journey and I’ve struggled. One thing that has remained constant is Shaklee. I feel so blessed Shaklee is such a big part of my life and my training.
Cindy’s IronMan Nutrition Plan:
With any endurance event nutrition is key to success. I’ve seen athletes put in the time training but never make it to the finish line due to stomach issues or just hitting the wall. I made up my mind I wasn’t going to let that happen. I finished my race in 14 hours with no cramping, and no issues whatsoever. Here’s a recap of where I think Shaklee made the difference.
Race Weekend:
The week prior I loaded up on Optiflora, Vitamin C and Garlic Complex to support my immune system going into the race.* I consumed Three 16-20 oz bottles of Performance the night before the race, in addition to one double serving of Energizing Soy Protein and two Gentle Sleep Complex before bedtime to help me settle down.
Pre-Swim Breakfast
I needed about 850 calories at 4 AM before the race started. Very tough - but a combination of Energizing Soy Protein, oatmeal, a banana and Shaklee Energy Chews worked very well for me and was easy on my stomach. I consumed one large (20 ounce) bottle of Performance, a teaspoon of Vivix®, all my vitamins - and I was out the door running!
Bike Ride Fuel
On my bike I prepared a mix in advance to get approximately 2,000 calories to get me through my 6-7 hour ride. I consumed most of my nutrition on the bike to be prepared to run 26.2 miles without issue. The mix consisted of a concentrated Triple Serving of Performance and Physique which I sipped every fifteen minutes on the bike. Midway through the bike ride at Mile 56, I ate an egg sandwich, some Fig Newtons® and took one Vita-Lea and one B-Complex. I also had a small plastic bag of Performance and a few salt tablets and refilled my water bottle for the second half of the ride.
The ride seemed easy and I was ready for the run – my biggest physical challenge. Aside from some pesky ongoing leg issues, the run was a breeze. Before the run, I took in some quick calories. No need for Performance by this time, because I was fully fueled from the bike. I consumed water and chicken broth at the aid stations and at mile 14 and again at 22 when I needed an extra boost; I ate two Shaklee Energy* Chews.
My plan worked without a hitch. I am an IRONMAN! I ran through the finish line with phenomenal energy and little-to-no muscle pain. Thank you Shaklee!
Some Shaklee Videos below:
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