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Why we use Shaklee Products

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Why we choose to use Shaklee products...

Did you Know?

Shaklee is the First US Company to be certified Climate Neutral

Founded in 1956, Shaklee is the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral certification and totally offset its CO2 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment.

For 50 years, Shaklee has quietly led the way in environmental stewardship and support of social causes.


Did you know?

Shaklee Corporation based in Pleasonton, CA came out on top of it’s game as the ONLY company that has proof their vitamins and supplements work and have an impact on disease states.

 There was a Peer Review of a recent clinical study conducted by the University of California Berkeley which has been completed.  This study has been dubbed the “LANDMARK STUDY” and will be the groundbreaking baseline for future clinical studies.

 The numbers are fascinating.  You’ll see that taking no multi-vitamin may be safer than taking other company brands.  Shaklee Corporation  came out of the study with bragging rights that it’s users had markedly lower incidence of coronary heart disease, angina, congestive heart failure, diabetes, stroke and emphysema not to mention lower homocysteine, LDL,(bad cholesterol), Triglycerides and higher HDL (good cholesterol).

 Nutrition Journal 2007, 6:30doi:10.1186/1475-2891-6-30 
Usage patterns, health, and nutritional status of long-term multiple dietary supplement users: a cross-sectional study:

 Gladys Block , Christopher D Jensen , Edward P Norkus , Tapashi B Dalvi , Les G Wong , Jamie F McManus  and Mark L Hudes  

 Abstract (provisional)  Published October 24, 2007

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Did you Know?

That Shaklee has won all these Awards


  • Stevie Award
  • Global Green USA’s Organizational Design Award
  • EPA Climate Leader
  • National Environmental Excellence Award
  • Environmental Stewardship Award
  • Facility of the Year Award
  • 2001 Vision for Tomorrow Award
  • Design Energy Efficiency Integration Award
  • The Edmund G. Pat Brown Award
  • Governors Environmental and Economic Leadership Awards
  • Environmental Business Leadership Award
  • Family Circle Green-Chip Award

 Did you know?

Shaklee developed a product called Performance used to break the Old World Record of a Human Powered Flight by 3 times. Kanellos Kanellopoulos who powered the pedal-powered aircraft, Daedalus. This feat was equivalent to two back to back marathons. They also created a similar re-hydration drink for NASA astronauts during their reentry into the Earths atmosphere.

Did you Know?

Shaklee was involved in 7 of Time Life's Greatest Adventures of all Time

LIFE Books, a worldwide publication of Time Inc., has recently re-released a special publication highlighting photographs and stories of the world's greatest explorers with forward written by Will Steger. Shaklee played an active sponsorship role and provided products that were used by the people involved in seven of the Great Adventure stories featured in this publication. Although sponsors aren't mentioned in the text itself, the Shaklee name is prominently seen on page 112 in a color photograph of the two canoes used in Will Steger's 1995 International Arctic Project expedition.

The following references illustrate the expeditions and projects where Shaklee was involved:

Pages 6-8

Will Steger whom Shaklee sponsored on three of his major Arctic expeditions wrote the forward to this publication.

Pages 28-33

Shaklee provided products to Jacques Cousteau's research vessels, the Calypso and Alcyon, and sponsored The Cousteau Society's magazine for children, The Dolphin Log.

Pages 56 and 112-119

Will Steger's 1989 TransAntarctica Expedition involved a Shaklee sponsored education program. "Nutrition Explorer Style." Shaklee also sponsored the 1995 International Arctic Project and the 1986 North Pole Expedition led by Will Steger. The 1986 expedition to the North Pole also included Ann Bancroft, the first women to reach the North Pole.

Pages 84-105

Shaklee sponsored the 1980 American Everest Expedition and several other Everest climbs. In support of the American Himalayan Foundation, co-founded by Sir Edmund Hillary and was the first to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen, Shaklee has also planted over a million trees in the Himalayas to help protect the environment and offset global climate change.

Pages 166-167

Shaklee developed the product Performance used by Kanellos Kanellopoulos who powered the pedal-powered aircraft, Daedalus. This feat was equivalent to two back to back marathons.

Pages 168-169

Shaklee sponsored the Voyager project and was responsible for diet and food advice as well as food and water packaging for Dick Rutan and Jean Yeager during their nonstop, round-the-world flight.


Did you Know?

Shaklee supplements were used by Sir Edmund Hilalry in the First Expedition to Summit Mount Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen. 

Did you Know?

Shaklee cleaners are used by the Cousteau Society on their two ships,
the Calypso and Alcyone.

 Ocean Alliance also uses Shaklee Cleaners

 Wild Dolphin Project also uses Shaklee Cleaners

Did you Know?

That Shaklee Nutrition has fueled over 50 Olympic GOLD medals to date and works with many Olympic teams.

The Shaklee Difference™

Comparing Shaklee with Other Companies

The number of home-based opportunities is growing. Which means that more and more, you're finding people you talk to about Shaklee are already familiar with the concept of what we call Social Marketing™. Some may have tried to start their own businesses with other companies, and failed, or have been approached by other people representing other companies. As a result, you might hear this question, or something similar to it: "What makes Shaklee different?"


We are different. In so many ways. And we believe that it's because of the differences between Shaklee and other companies that we've enjoyed our outstanding reputation, stability and loyalty...for more than 50 years.


Here are some of our favorite elements of the Shaklee Difference, that are especially interesting to review in comparison with some of the other companies that are cropping up out there today:

  • Shaklee was founded on a philosophy. A lot of companies start because somebody thought they had a neat product idea and wanted to make a lot of money from it. Or because another company made money, and they wanted to try to copy the idea. Shaklee started from two central ideas: Living in Harmony with Nature®, and doing business according to the Golden Rule. We've always put people, the planet, and business integrity, first and foremost.
  • The Shaklee philosophy of Living in Harmony with Nature® has been guiding our actions for over 50 years. If you can even find a company that has a mission, or a philosophy, how much of what that company does has been shaped by it? What other company has put its philosophy into action by continually evaluating its product development and business practices for improvements, with the goal of minimizing its footprint on the earth?   And has been recognized for that commitment with multiple honors and awards.
  • Shaklee is a pioneer. Our founder formulated his first dietary supplement before the word "vitamin" had even been coined. And Dr. Shaklee and his sons also pioneered a method of compensation that enables people to be paid not just for selling products, but also for training others, enabling distributors to earn a generous, long-term, residual income…which today pays you to infinity. Shaklee is an original, not a copy.
  • Shaklee offers products that are always safe, always green, and always work. A lot of companies offer products, or even just a single product, with a lot of romance behind their well-crafted marketing story, but no real scientific substantiation. Shaklee has a 50+ year, unblemished history of offering safe, sound, scientifically-based products that provide true benefit to the consumer. That's why the average Shaklee consumer has been loyal to us for 14 years.
  • Shaklee has a 50-year track record of keeping promises. Many companies come into being, explode into momentum on a promise that doesn't quite come true, and then fade into obscurity. Companies that don't keep their promises, don't last. And stability is something we're tremendously proud of.

For these reasons, and a whole lot more, Shaklee has become the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S. and one of the most respected companies in our industry.

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We are so proud of all 24 of our Pure Performance Sochi winter athletes. The hard work, determination, and pure heart that they put into every day leading up to and during the
Sochi Games was truly inspiring.

“Exercise and training aren't enough. For my body to perform at its best, I need quality nutrition. That's why I use Shaklee.”      Jordan Malone, Silver Medalist


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Our Shaklee Product Website:

 Our Online Product Guide:

Have problems with Joint PAIN find out more by clicking the link below:

Did you Know?

           Helps maintain normal cartilage

           Helps Improve:           Joint Function
                                            Joint Comfort
                                            Range of Motion (ROM)

2008 Study showed that:
Long-term glucosamine supplementation may reduce the risk of having knee replacement by 57%. Also making sure you have essential Basic Nutrients through supplementation from a trusted company.

Chondroitin Sulfate:
           Early studies showed that is wasn’t absorbed at all when consumed orally.

           More recent studies show that there is limited absorption of somewhere between 8-18% 

           MORE Importantly these new studies show when Chondroitin sulfate is taken with Glucosamine
           supplements it actually INHIBITS the absorption of Glucosamine.
           (This is why you need to find a Quality Company that makes Quality products.) 

(MSM) Methyl Sulfonylmethane:
            Based on the body of literature MSM does not appear to benefit Joint Pain.


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