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Latest News and Updates

Dr Steven G. Chaney

Dr. Steve Chaney received his BS degree in chemistry from Duke University and his PhD degree in Biochemistry from UCLA.

His thesis professor, Dr. Paul Boyer, went on to win the Nobel Prize shortly after Steve left his lab. 

Steve did his post graduate studies on the regulation of genetic information at Washington University in St. Louis. 

He currently holds the rank of Distinguished Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and the Department of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. 

Dr. Chaney has been teaching medical students and dental students at UNC for 37 years. He has won several awards for his teaching including a UNC Medical Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professorship from 2005 to 2009. 

Dr. Chaney has also run an active cancer research program and has published over 100 peer reviewed scientific journal articles. Dr. Chaney is internationally known for his research on the biochemistry of platinum anticancer drugs and their interactions with cellular DNA.

In addition, Dr. Chaney is the author of two chapters on nutrition for the leading medical biochemistry textbook in the United States and is also highly sought after as a speaker on the topic of holistic approaches to health.

Suzanne Chaney received her BS in biology from the University of Southern California and her Masters degree in biochemistry from UCLA. 

Suzanne and Steve met when he did a research rotation in his advisor’s laboratory. You might say that they met “over a test tube rack”.

After graduate school, Suzanne did post graduate work at St. Louis University’s Institute of Virology studying the replication of viral RNA & DNA.  She worked for Burroughs Wellcome (now Smith, Galaxo, Kline) where she focused on brain neural transmitter kinetics and drug interaction. 

After two years at Burroughs Wellcome, she was hired by the Environment Protection Agency to run a clinical chemistry lab in their Human Studies Division.  After ten years with the EPA, Suzanne started her own Shaklee business.

Today Suzanne and Steve have a thriving Shaklee business and have helped hundreds of people enjoy better health and greater wealth.

Suzanne and Steve live in Chapel Hill North Carolina with their two Chihuahuas, Buster & Lilly, and their ridgeback mix, Sarah.

Suzanne and Steve, have one son, Marc, who lives in El Segundo, California (near Los Angeles) and has his own Shaklee business.


Dr Steven G. Chaney

Shaklee-at the Cutting Edge of Sports Nutrition


Who is Dr. Steve Chaney?

 2012 Academy of Educators Teaching Awards Recipientsh

 This Landmark Study could add YEARS to your life


 Health is a Lifestyle Choice

Why Shaklee?

Dr. Neil Padgett, MD, Internal Medicine: “The reason that I have only recommended Shaklee to my patients is that I have clinical, peer reviewed data included in the catalog that I can refer to. You have to have good clinical studies, good double-blind peer reviewed studies in order to evaluate a product. As a medical professional that’s the only thing that I’ll listen to. Except for Shaklee, I’m not aware of anyone who’s done in depth studies. It’s the only company I’ve seen do it and that’s why it’s the only company I can professionally recommend.”

Dr. Linda Rodriguez, MD, Pediatrics: “As a physician and pediatrician, I demand scientific validation of the products I use in my practice. Smart supplementation today means taking the right amounts with the right formulation and Shaklee has made it so easy for us to do that now.”

Dr. Myron Winick, MD, Columbia University College of Physicians &Surgeons: “Shaklee Products are very well tested both from a standpoint of efficacy and safety. I consider Shaklee’s study of bone loss and their product’s (Vita-Lea) relationship to bone loss not only important from a standpoint of their product, but important from a standpoint of the scientific community’s understanding of bone loss….. I think it’s very impressive that the Shaklee scientists are willing not necessarily to go with the flow, but rather to go with the science.”

Dr. Annette Dickinson, PhD, Council for Responsible Nutrition: “You need to select a manufacturer that you can trust. Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous entrepreneurs out there who will try anything and who are marketing street drug knock-off or recreational drugs under the name of dietary supplements. One of our biggest problems today is that there are some small manufacturers on the fringes of the industry who make products that don’t meet necessary standards and gives a black eye to the whole industry. Quality companies, companies like Shaklee Corporation, are making a stand for quality products and for truthful information and we believe that is very important.”

Dr. R. William Soller, PhD, Consumer Health Care Products Association: “Shaklee is a very important force at the fore-front in terms of helping to cultivate the field of self-care.

Forouz Ertl, Botanicals International, one of the world’s leading suppliers of raw materials to major manufacturers world-wide: “Shaklee has some rigourous standards that they actually initiated in the industry….Shaklee is definitely our pickiest and most strict customer. They are very demanding and they have specifications beyond and above the specifications set by our other customers. I think for a lot of customers, price is an issue when they are choosing botanicals, but I wish they had the awareness about the quality of the botanicals and the quality of the brand before they make their decisions. I tell my friends, that if they want to buy quality, they have to buy Shaklee’s grade.

Choose Health – Choose Shaklee

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 Have problems with Joint PAIN find out more by clicking the link below:

Did you Know?

           Helps maintain normal cartilage

           Helps Improve:           Joint Function
                                            Joint Comfort
                                            Range of Motion (ROM)

2008 Study showed that:
Long-term glucosamine supplementation may reduce the risk of having knee replacement by 57%. Also making sure you have essential Basic Nutrients through supplementation from a trusted company.

Chondroitin Sulfate:
           Early studies showed that is wasn’t absorbed at all when consumed orally.

           More recent studies show that there is limited absorption of somewhere between 8-18% 

           MORE Importantly these new studies show when Chondroitin sulfate is taken with Glucosamine
           supplements it actually INHIBITS the absorption of Glucosamine.
           (This is why you need to find a Quality Company that makes Quality products.) 

(MSM) Methyl Sulfonylmethane:
            Based on the body of literature MSM does not appear to benefit Joint Pain.

Great News about Resveratrol

There have been several exciting studies published recently regarding resveratrol, including two extremely positive clinical studies of our own, as you know.
And we wanted to be sure to draw your attention to perhaps the most significant human study to date on the benefits of resveratrol, which was recently published in a journal called Cell Metabolism.

In this well-designed human clinical study, researchers showed that
taking a resveratrol supplement for 30 days significantly lowered multiple markers associated with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other chronic diseases.
That's great news for you and your health, and we thought you might like to share it. Dr. Jamie McManus has written a letter to the Shaklee Family, outlining the highlights of this study. You can download a copy of that letter and include it in your newsletter mailing (this is available in the Health Sciences Library, we emailed it to all Members, and we're also dropping it into all orders during the last two weeks of December).
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