BODYMAX Progressive Nerve Therapy
Kyle K. Chu LMT#3281
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About BODYMAX Therapy


BODYMAX Progressive Nerve Therapy

What is BODYMAX'S therapy and how is it different and/or beneficial to me?


My training encompassed a period of over four years. It wasn't just a matter of learning what to do and how to do it, but, more importantly, involved the practical time needed to develop specific techniques, procedures and the ability to apply varying degrees of pressure to strategic areas of the body, with the intended results of reducing and removing pain. This system is not intended to bring about a relaxed state within the body although it becomes less intense and much more comfortable after having come for a while. The application of this complex technique is probably what takes the most time to learn and master.

The techniques and applications that I began learning in 1989, I am now even further developing, honing, and perfecting after more than 23 years of practicing this form of Therapy.

Since having learned this system of Nerve Therapy back in 1989, we at BODYMAX have had the pleasure of working with many people who were on the verge of having medical surgery done to correct their problems and/ or reduce the pain they were experiencing. After having tried our form of therapy, the majority of our clients ended up never going in for invasive surgical procedures even after recommendations by their Orthopedic surgeons and Neurosurgeons.

So what does this Therapy consist of and why does it help about 9 out of 10 people? First the State of Hawaii recognizes us as LMT's or Licensed Massage Therapists. What normally involves just 6 months to a year to complete an LMT license in Hawaii, as I mentioned earlier, took over four years of specific training for me to complete.

This form of BODYMAX Nerve Therapy incorporates a three-sided approach to your health and well being. After assessing your pain and possible underlying causes, we begin a corrective approach consisting of:

-reducing the tension within the soft-tissue system of the body. This is the system that consists of the Muscles, Nerves, Tendons, and Ligaments etc.

-the structural integrity of your skeletal system. We are not Chiropractors and do not work and assess the alignment of the body in the same way at all. What I mean is that the skeletal structure will be influenced by the tension within the soft tissue system. This is what creates the movement of the skeletal structure and may also be involved in creating excess tension within certain involved joints in the body. This condition can also lead to increased swelling and a quicker wearing away of the cartilage, bursa sacs, and also discs in the spinal column which may also exaserbate any arthritic condition. Your body's alignment and/or misalignment will guide us and reveal specific clues as to the muscle systems that may be involved.

-Your body will not repair well and properly if you do not feed it quality food and use quality supplements. Also, if you aren't getting adequate rest, you will certainly slow the recovery process. Your body has a catabolic and an anabolic phase. Only during the anabolic or recovery phase does the body repair and heal itself. The anabolic phase is only during the time that you sleep. During the day in the catabolic phase, your body is using up nutrients as fuel for the body. Do you think that drinking a soda and having a donut with a bag of chips can rebuild quality bones, muscles and nerves etc.? Realize that what you feed your body will in time determine the quality of your body, it's that simple. What you feed your body today will be the new cells of your body tomorrow. You literally are what you eat and that will also determine what your body has available to repair cells with. Quality in means quality performance out. Cells that make-up the muscles, nerves, tendons, bones, cartilage, and all organs of the body etc.

Right now this may not seem like the easiest and shortest road to take but it is definitely the safest and the most beneficial process and has one of the greatest rewards for you and your efforts. Who said that you have to take giant risks in order to have giant rewards? Let God and nature's healing ability work with your body and not against it.

Whatever road you decide to take, whether surgery or an alternative therapy, I wish you a pain-free lifestyle. For all the money in the world would have no meaning to you if you did not have your health to enjoy it.

Kyle K. Chu LMT#3281

Progressive Nerve & Muscle Therapy


Have problems with Joint PAIN find out more Info below:

Did you Know?

           Helps maintain normal cartilage

           Helps Improve:           Joint Function
                                            Joint Comfort
                                            Range of Motion (ROM)

2008 Study showed that:
Long-term glucosamine supplementation may reduce the risk of having knee replacement by 57%. Also making sure you have essential Basic Nutrients through supplementation from a trusted company.

Chondroitin Sulfate:
           Early studies showed that is wasn’t absorbed at all when consumed orally.

           More recent studies show that there is limited absorption of somewhere between 8-18% 

           MORE Importantly these new studies show when Chondroitin sulfate is taken with Glucosamine
           supplements it actually INHIBITS the absorption of Glucosamine.

           (This is why you need to find a Quality Company.) 

 (MSM) Methyl Sulfonylmethane:
            Based on the body of literature MSM does not appear to benefit Joint Pain.


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